Travel the Globe Hassle-Free: Your Ultimate Guide to International eSIM

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Travelling is loved by everyone. Moving beyond the known boundaries of region and culture, one gets to explore a whole other country, eat different foods, and have memorable experiences.

While getting accustomed to your new surroundings, stable mobile connectivity might be the first problem you encounter.

Besides, excessive roaming charges can burn a hole in your pocket. An international eSIM is the perfect solution here. No more searching for a store to find the appropriate SIM card.

WorldSIM has brought you the ultimate international eSIM card that’ll make global connectivity effortless. Stay in touch with your loved ones with seamless connectivity applicable to more than 100 countries. If you prefer data only, you can try our country specific data only eSIM’s
Excited to know more? Discover the benefits of international eSIM while travelling abroad and how to use the technology.

What is an eSIM?

Before we jump into the details about using an international eSIM, let’s understand the basics.

An eSIM for international travel is a digital SIM card offering instant connectivity. eSIM stands for embedded SIM card. It works like a traditional SIM but doesn’t need a physical card. So, you don’t have to install a new card while opting for an eSIM from a provider.

Getting started is very simple and quick. When you buy an eSIM for international travel from WorldSIM, you need to scan a specific QR code. The provider will integrate the card directly into your mobile handset. They will install it remotely within 5 minutes!

Moreover, there are no issues with SIM swapping as well. If your device is compatible with an eSIM international card, the provider will install your SIM profile and activate your account. For this, you’ll need a stable internet connection to view the changes and activation.

That’s not all! You can easily keep your existing SIM and start using the worldwide eSIM simultaneously. Then select any one of the international eSIM plans to access uninterrupted data and phone calls.

How to Use an International eSIM Card While Travelling

An international eSIM might be among the best travel accessories when visiting another country. You get instant connectivity at affordable rates, without worrying about roaming fees.

Follow these steps to seamlessly use a global eSIM and enjoy its convenient features.

Preparing the Device

Before heading out to a foreign land, prepare your device by checking if it supports an eSIM for international travel. Most modern smartphones and tablets are easily compatible with eSIM cards. Your device also needs to be unlocked. To check if your handset is locked or not and how to get it unlocked, see this blog .

You can check the device documentation for this information or the company website. Or you can reach out to the manufacturer to understand device compatibility.

An international eSIM from WorldSIM runs with all eSIM compatible devices, so you'll have no problems when you select the provider. You can also interact with the provider to see if your device supports a worldwide eSIM.

Select a Card and Plan

After understanding mobile compatibility, select an appropriate global eSIM service plan. Choose a plan according to the destination you're traveling to. Also, consider the number of days you will be staying. This will give you an idea of the data and talk time needed.

Once purchased, you will receive a QR code by email. Follow the procedures highlighted in the email on how to complete installation.

Doing this before you leave town is advisable. If there are any compatibility or installation issues, talk to the provider immediately.

Switch On Data Roaming

Once you arrive at your destination, don’t forget to switch data roaming on your device and allow data from your newly installed eSIM. This will prevent your device from using the data on the primary SIM card.

Also, switch off airplane mode when you are about to reach the location. This will prepare your mobile to utilize the eSIM card whenever you want to.

How to activate an International eSIM

If you have arrived at your destination, or on the day you are travelling, you can activate the eSIM card. An eSIM for international travel is equipped with technology to start working immediately. If you haven't activated the card earlier, here are the steps for iOS users:

  • Go to your mobile settings and tap on cellular data.
  • Click on Add eSIM or Add data package/plan
  • Scan the respective QR code
  • Follow the mentioned.
  • Wait for the plan to download and activate
  • Restart the device and wait for 3-5 to receive network access

For Android users, here are the activation steps:
  • Go to device settings and find the SIM Card Manager option
  • Click on Add eSIM or Add data package/plan
  • Click on Add eSIM card or Add mobile package/plan
  • Click on Add card using the QR code and scan the code
  • Follow the steps coming up on the screen
  • Wait for the plan to be downloaded and activated
  • Restart your device and wait for a couple of minutes
  • Go to the preferred SIM option on the menu
  • Select the international eSIM card to make and receive calls

Now you can conveniently use the eSIM card to make calls and browse the internet!

How to activate an International eSIM

With an international eSIM , travelling abroad will be hassle-free. It offers seamless connectivity, without the need to swap your SIM card.

Let’s find out the numerous reasons why eSIM cards are among the best accessories for travellers.

1. Widespread Network Coverage

If you choose an eSIM card from WorldSIM, you get instant coverage and reliable connectivity. Enjoy calls and internet access across the globe in more than 135 countries. Our Data only eSIM offers coverage in nearly 200 countries! Whether you're travelling to Asia or Europe, the eSIM will keep you connected with your relatives.

With our eSIM Pro, you get free incoming calls in more than 85 countries while travelling. This makes the eSIM among the best accessories for travelers.

2. Easy Installation and Activation

Setting up an international eSIM card is easy and less time-consuming. You don’t need a physical card here. A stable internet connection will enable you to complete the installation and activation processes.

Plus, you won’t require an additional smartphone to use the eSIM. Once the SIM is activated, you can access it like a physical SIM card. If there are any issues, contact the customer support team at WorldSIM via live chat or email.

3. Cost Effectiveness

When you’re travelling, you may have plenty of expenses to handle. High mobile charges will be the last of your concerns if you’ve opted to go with our international sim card With our data only eSIMs, multiple mobile data plans are available, starting at USD 5 for 1GB of data. . Always check the offers before selecting a plan.

With our WorldSIM International eSIM Pro, you get a UK mobile number to make and receive free incoming calls across the globe. The eSIM is active for the whole year and can be used in any country. Adding local numbers can save you more!

4. Reliable Technology for Data and Voice Calls

Selecting an international eSIM card allows you to leverage modern technology for internet connectivity and calls. With an international eSIM at your disposal, you will always connect to the operator with the strongest signal in your locality. Enjoy superfast data, interrupted voice calls, and SMS.

No need to keep track of your physical SIM card and its associated expenses!

5. Peace of Mind

Last, but not least, you’ll travel peacefully with an international eSIM card ready for use. No matter where you are, you receive high-quality connectivity and data access.

Summing Up

Providers may claim to have the world's best SIM card” or the world's fastest network SIM”. However, not many of them can provide cost-efficient global connectivity, which an international eSIM offers.

With WorldSIM, you receive a world-class international eSIM card, saving up to 95% of your phone charges. Travel the world conveniently with a powerful international eSIM in your pocket! It is a flexible way to stay connected at all times and enjoy your trip without worrying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will My Global eSIM Get Activated Immediately?

Yes, the international eSIM will be activated upon reaching the destination. The validity period begins right after your eSIM is installed.

2. Are All Smartphones Compatible with eSIM Cards?

Most smartphones are compatible with eSIMs. Check your SIM card settings or contact the device manufacturer for more information.