Travel Related Gifts for Fathers Day

Looking for a way to show your globe-trotting Dad how much you appreciate him this Father's Day? Here are some travel related gifts to treat him to on Sunday 15th June.

Men's Carry On – The Flight Collection
This kit contains all the essentials your Dad will need on his next trip abroad packed in a travel sized box. It features shampoo, shaving cream and body wash amongst other things which means he will feel refreshed and well groomed no matter where he is. It also comes with a clear security bag so that the products can be taken on board a plane in hand luggage.
Price: £40.00


Personalised Travel Mug
Whether it's to take with him on adventures abroad, or to keep his soup warm at work, your Dad will love this Personalised Travel Mug. Made from stainless steel, you can personalise your mug with a photo so your Dad will never forget home.
Price: £10.00


Travel SIM Card
Save Dad a fortune on the cost of him using his phone abroad.  This travel SIM card will save him as much as 85% on international roaming so he can browse the internet, make calls and text at a fraction of the cost of other SIM cards.  In addition, he will get free incoming calls in almost 100 countries.
Price: £29.99


Luckies Scratch Map

The perfect gift for a well-traveled Dad - this is more than just a map of the world. This map comes with a layer of gold foil that can be scratched off, revealing bright colors underneath, so that your Dad can keep track of all the countries he has visited. It has accurate geographical detail and also includes fun facts about some countries and cities. There are other alternatives so you can choose the perfect map for your Dad, including a travel-sized scratch map, a gourmet scratch map for any foodies, maps of specific countries or continents and a globe scratch map.
Prices: £11.95 to £19.95

Stuffa Jacket
This stylish bodywarmer jacket will not only keep your Dad warm this Father's Day, but it also has a considerable amount of storage space. It has 12 pockets concealed inside the lining which can carry the equivalent of 5kg of clothing. It's great to beat any baggage charges on short trips away or just to use as a replacement for a bag on a long day out.
Price: £59.49


Casio Sports Watch
There are a range of watches available to please any Dad this Father's Day, with one of the most travel-friendly being the SGW-400H Sports Watch. It features World Time for major cities around the world, an illuminator for easy reading, a stopwatch, and a slick design. It is excellent for any action-loving Fathers as it also features an altimeter, thermometer, and barometer, as well as being water-resistant and low temperature resistant.
Price: £120.00

A trip on the Eurostar
If you want to give your Dad the ultimate gift this Father's Day, why not treat him to a trip abroad? The Eurostar offers easy travel to many cities within France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands meaning it is the perfect way to travel for a week away, a weekend or even a day trip to another country. If you don't know when or where your Dad would want to travel, you can get gift vouchers from starting at as little as £5, and let him make the choice.
Price: From £69 for Eurostar return ticket

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