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The WorldSIM Travel Blog
WorldSIM Travel Blog
Welcome to the WorldSIM Travel Blog. We post about exciting travel destinations,
gadgets, apps and handy tricks to make your travels better. Click on the title of any
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5 Places You Have Never Heard of But Will Want To Go To When You Read This

The planet that we live on really is a magical place. Just when you think that you have seen it all and done it all, something else jumps out at you [More]

Countries With the Worst Internet in the World

Relying on free WiFi is something that international travellers are forced to do in the majority of destinations due to the extortionate costs of data roaming. Unfortunately that also means sometimes having to deal with slack foreign internet speeds - here are the top 5 worst destinations for WiFi!... [More]

20 Signs That You Are A Smart Traveller

The more you travel, the better you get at it, and the more different types of travelling you do, the more you learn. Think your a smart traveller? See how many of these you say yes to [More]

5 Epic Movies About Travelling You Must See

From side-splitting comedies casing out the Indian Subcontinent, to thoughtful political opuses looking at the tumults of 20th century Tibet, this eclectic list of movies is must-see viewing for any fan of the travelling epic. [More]

5 Alternative City Breaks in Europe

If you’re fed up of the usual jaunt through the bustling streets of Paris’ Latin Quarter, or simply handle another weekend exploring the much-trodden climes of Spanish Barcelona, then be sure to check out this list of the continent’s more off-the-beaten-track metropolises. They range from curious [More]

How to Reduce Roaming Charges by Using a Virtual Number

No one wants to be uncontactable on their existing mobile number while they are travelling internationally – nor do you want to incur thousands in roaming charges! Adding a virtual number to your SIM can eliminate roaming charges and ensure you remain contactable when you travel. However, only [More]

How to Set Up a VPN on an Apple Device

While travelling, almost everyone has taken advantage of free WiFi whether it’s in a coffee shop, bar or restaurant. While this does reduce your data roaming costs it also makes you susceptible to hackers. ur WiFi at home is protected by a password right? You don’t leave it open to anyone to [More]

Reduce Data Roaming Costs - How To Stop Automatic Updates

Travelling internationally is expensive enough without having to think about data roaming costs, if you are planning on using data while you travel you can reduce the costs of data roaming quite significantly by switching off automatic updates.  This will mean that you won’t get Facebook/... [More]

8 Of The Best Christmas Markets to Visit Worldwide in 2014

There is a host of Christmas markets all over the world, as well each with their own unique highlights which might include nativity plays, mulled wine, bands, ice skating, fair rides and an epic variation of delicious food.  Of course no Christmas Market is complete without stalls – find ... [More]

6 Perfectly Different Winter Holidays

Embrace the cold and enjoy some winter sports, warm fires and best of all the northern lights! Here are some unusual ideas for the perfect place for a winter holiday… Snowholes in ScotlandTravel to the Cairngorms in Scotland, for plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities including Snowy Ow... [More]