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10 Travel Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

Here are 10 must have gadgets that will improve your next trip aboard...Olympus TG-2 digital compact camera This camera is waterproof, freezeproof and virtually indestructible. With lots of great features such as slow motion playback, microscopic zoom and GPS, and with fanta... [More]

Travel SIM Card Troubleshooting Tips

If you have received your travel SIM but are having problems setting up, or are experiencing any difficulties, these troubleshooting tips will help.... The Location Menu Didn’t Pop UpDon’t worry, if the location menu doesn’t pop up you can go into your appl... [More]

6 Places to Visit for Thrill Seeking Activities

For those who's idea of the perfect holiday involves pushing themselves to the limit rather than relaxing, here are 6 fantastic places to visit for your next adrenaline rush.New ZealandNew Zealand is the place to be for adventure lovers. The list of extreme sports you can ta... [More]

6 Not to be Missed Travel Experiences

Safari in BrazilThe wetlands of Pantanal are abundant with wildlife from jaguars and giant otters to a huge variety of bird life and giant anteaters.  Explore jungles, lakes and rivers and experience a night safari. Balloon ride MyanmarGet a bird’s eye view of B... [More]

Cheaper International Phone Calls!

We have reduced the costs of international phone calls on the Home & Away International SIM card! Using the Home & Away SIM you can make international phone calls from just 1p per minute.    Compare the Old Costs to the New CostsWith our huge rate reducti... [More]

7 Things Not to Miss in Berlin

Berlin is known for is history and its parties, but there is plenty more to Berlin.  Here are a few things not to miss while you are there...   East Side Gallery Despite its name, the east side gallery isn't actually a gallery, its the longest remaining part of the... [More]

What to Expect in Goa

Goa is very different to the rest of India, if it’s your first visit to India it might seem hectic but there are destinations that are away from the hustle and bustle of Baga and Calangute.  We would recommend staying somewhere quieter - even if you like night lif... [More]

How Much Does Business Travel Really Cost You?

This infographic compares small business travel costs to large businesses travel costs.  Find out what costs business the most so you can understand how to curb costs that are costing you the most.   If you like this infographic, share it on Twitter!  

4 Romantic Escapes for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day just around the corner we thought we would share some romantic destination ideas with you so you can get something booked before it’s too late.  These are our 5 favourite romantic getaways… SloveniaSlovenia’s capital city, ... [More]

Travel Planning with Pinterest

Pinterest, for those that don’t know, is a social sharing platform for photos.  You can pin your own images, images from any website and images from other peoples pin boards in order to create your own inspirational galleries. Whether you are planning a holiday, b... [More]