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10 Reasons Mexico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination...

Mexico has many amazing things to do and places to see. Below is a list of the ten best attractions in Mexico. Teotihuacan was built by a new civilisation and it consists of massive pyramids that are awe inspiring. There is the pyramid of the sun and the smaller pyramid of ... [More]

How To Set Up Data On Your WorldSIM

Reduce the cost of data roaming when you travel by as much as 85%!  Post photos to Facebook, check your email and use your travel apps without the expensive price tag by using your WorldSIM international SIM card. Data only takes a moment to set up - here's how....1. Al... [More]

Hurling Oranges and Meeting Buddha - 6 Things You Must Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong rocks and once you have gotten over the vast amount of people and have your bearings you will be wishing you were staying longer - but not to worry, there is a tree for that!  Here are our favorite bits of Hong Kong... Make your dreams come true with a visit ... [More]

Notting Hill Carnival – What You need To Know

London’s famous Notting Hill Carnival will take place from Sunday 24th August to Monday 25th August and is expected to attract more than 1.5 million people this year.  With the Sunday as the children’s day and the Monday as the adult’s day, either day ... [More]

TravelSafe App Review

TravelSafe is one of the four apps created by Boalogik on the android app store. It allows you to access information about area codes, emergency services and embassies from each country globally. The app is pretty straight forward and has several standard pages. Once you hav... [More]

8 Incredible Sights in USA

North America is a land of big things; from Las Vegas to New York there is so much to see and do and endless cities to explore.  It’s not just USA cities that are worth a visit, America is also rich with natural beauty.  Here are 8 incredible sights to see in... [More]

How to Get Your Phone Unlocked

So your phone is locked on a network and you would like to use a WorldSIM travel SIM, a different SIM- or just unlock it to increase its resale value. The first thing is to realise that phone unlocking is perfectly legal in the U.K. The reason why networks are allowed to loc... [More]

Staying Connected Cheaply While Travelling Internationally

The thought of going without internet access or checking your social media accounts even for a day is unthinkable but with the costs of staying connected overseas often being very high, what are the best ways to stay connected without getting a huge bill and heart attack to ... [More]

What to see in Edinburgh while you’re there for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Enjoy the world’s largest arts festival which will take place in Edinburgh from 1st – 25th August.  With a range of comedy, cabaret, theatre productions, dance and operas there is certainly something for all tastes.  While you are in Edinburgh make the ... [More]

A Photo Journey Through Asia

Asia is a diverse continent rich with culture, bursting with scrumptious culinary delights and brimming with beauty everywhere you look.  Let’s allow the photos to do the talking shall we!.... The gorgeous pink moss that surrounds Mount Fuji, Japan   Hot air... [More]