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The WorldSIM Travel Blog

How to Reduce Roaming Charges by Using a Virtual Number

No one wants to be contactable on their existing mobile number while they are travelling internationally – nor do you want to incur thousands in roaming charges!  Adding a virtual number to your SIM can eliminate roamin... [More]

How to Set Up a VPN on an Apple Device

While travelling, almost everyone has taken advantage of free WiFi whether it’s in a coffee shop, ba [More]

Reduce Data Roaming Costs - How To Stop Automatic Updates

Travelling internationally is expensive enough without having to think about data roaming costs, if you are planning on using data while you travel you can reduce the costs of data roaming quite significantly by switching off auto... [More]

8 Of The Best Christmas Markets to Visit Worldwide in 2014

There is a host of Christmas markets all over the world, as well each with their own unique highlights which might include nativity plays, mulled wine, bands, ice skating, fair rides and an epic variation of delicious food.  ... [More]

6 Perfectly Different Winter Holidays

Embrace the cold and enjoy some winter sports, warm fires and best of all the northern lights! Here are some unusual ideas for the perfect place for a winter holiday… Snowholes in ScotlandTravel to the Cairngorms in Scot... [More]

10 Hidden Costs Of Travelling You Need To Know About

Make the most of your holiday money and don’t get a surprise forking out for all these extra hidden [More]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Travelling With Your Smart Phone

A smart phone brings everything we need together in one tiny package when it comes to travelling. It has music, a camera, access to the internet, maps you name it, it has it. It is hard to imagine what life was like before smartph... [More]

12 Travel Hacks That Will Blow You Away

Streamline your travels and blow away even the smallest annoyances with this awesome collection of the best 12 travel hacks... Search for flights in incognito modeThe conspiracy theorists among us would say that all those mon... [More]

Get Unlimited Multiple Numbers From 40 Different Countries On One SIM

With this week’s launch of our new virtual numbers service you can add phone numbers from over 40 different countries to your WorldSIM SIM card, here are a few ways you can use this to your benefit: Receive calls on your ... [More]

How to Set up an Automatic Top Up on your WorldSIM

Did you know you can set automatic top ups so you never have to think about topping up again!  The auto top up feature will automatically credit your account with the amount you require when your balance reaches the limit you... [More]