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International Roaming Charges Comparison

Do you use your phone like at home when you travel internationally? Unlikely. Travellers often rely on free Wi-Fi while travelling, don’t answer calls and hold back on using data when there is no free Wi-Fi available. By simply travelling smarter, you can use your phone when you travel without the worry of extortionate roaming charges. [More]

The Ultimate Pre Travel Guide

From travels apps and gadgets to how to take the best photos; here is the ultimate pre-travel guide! Minimise the stress of preparing for your trip, stay connected for less while you travel and save time as we have done all the research for you!... [More]

Holiday inspiration - 7 places not on your radar

Looking for a bit of inspiration for where to go on your next holiday? Forgot the popular tourist destinations and get off the beaten track to remind yourself what travelling is really about! Here are 7 places that aren’t on your radar – but should be!.... [More]

How to Prep Your Devices Before You Travel

Travelling internationally without a mobile device is not an option for most of us these days (even leaving home without one is rare!) so it is essential to prepare devices ahead of travel. Follow these tips to make sure your devices are well prepared for travelling and so you can have a safe and smooth trip... [More]

11 Holiday Accessories You Need For 2015

Forget about losing half a day searching everywhere for free Wi-Fi, losing your luggage or getting hopelessly lost when you go exploring the local area. With the right holiday accessories you can minimise stress therefore maximising time for relaxation. Make sure you are prepared for your next trip so you can travel comfortably and have everything you need at your fingertips. [More]

Travel Myths Debunked

With so many myths around travelling, this blog post aims to set the record straight!... Myth: Traveling is expensive: Truth: Traveling used to be outside of many people’s reach, however, with so many low cost airlines and last minute deals available online, it has never been cheaper to travel. Making use of... [More]

8 of the Best Apps for Travelling

One thing you should look for in a travel app is whether it is available offline – if not it might cost you a fortune in data roaming! Besides the well-known travel apps like TripIt and Skyscanner, here is a list of some seriously useful apps if you are travelling abroad… [More]

The World's Craziest Festivals

If you have done all of the usual festivals and you are looking for something a little more weird and wonderful, then look no further than these strange festivals from around the world... [More]

Best Travel Rewards Programs Worldwide

If you travel a lot, then it is worth considering signing up to some of the travel rewards programs in order to benefit from the savings which can help to pay towards air flights and accommodation stays. However, before you sign up ask yourself the following questions as this will help you get the best out of the rewards program: [More]

How to Make Business Travel Pleasurable

: Business travel can be a constant stream of meetings as well as trying to balance out the usual workload. Make business travel more pleasurable, with these tops tips... [More]