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8 of the World's Craziest Festivals

If you have done all of the usual festivals and you are looking for something a little more weird and wonderful, then look no further than these strange festivals from around the world... [More]

Best Travel Rewards Programs Worldwide

If you travel a lot, then it is worth considering signing up to some of the travel rewards programs in order to benefit from the savings which can help to pay towards air flights and accommodation stays. However, before you sign up ask yourself the following questions as this will help you get the best out of the rewards program: [More]

How to Make Business Travel Pleasurable

: Business travel can be a constant stream of meetings as well as trying to balance out the usual workload. Make business travel more pleasurable, with these tops tips... [More]

Places you are Guaranteed to See Animals in the Wild

There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing animals in their natural habitat but you’re not always lucky enough to have the privilege. Some animals are easier to spot than others; rhinos, tigers and jaguars are known to be elusive. Here are 7 places where you are practically guaranteed to see some wildlife…. [More]

Best Travel Destinations for Food Lovers

From the peanut pad Thai’s of Bangkok’s bustling Khaosan Road and the spicy curries of the Indian Sub-continent, to the sprawling meat platters of the Polish mountain folk and the earthy creations of Italy, this list of the world’s top foodie destinations is sure to get the taste buds tingling and the travel feet itching—so proceed at your own risk! [More]

How to Stay Safe on Public WiFi

A Free WiFi connection could get you into a number of tricky situations where hackers could be stealing your information as you browse the web unknowingly which is never a good thing and this is why the use of VPNs is becoming more popular even if you are just sitting in your local coffee shop…its best to be safe than sorry! [More]

Most Expensive Countries for International Roaming

From the sprawling metropolises of the US, to the sandy deserts of North Africa and the mechanised megacities of the People’s Republic, this list of some of the world’s most expensive destinations for mobile roaming ranges far and wide, to help raise awareness and steer would-be travellers away from bloated phone bills and hidden costs. [More]

9 Seriously Cool iPad Accessories You Are Going to Want

As if your iPad isn’t cool enough as it is, check out these awesome accessories that will make you (and your iPad) the coolest kid on the block. [More]

7 Business Travel Customs You Need to Know About

When approaching international business affairs it’s never safe to assume you can sail through with your own culture’s business travel customs. Whether you’re traveling to Europe, the Middle East or the Land of the Rising Sun, here are 7 travel customs to help you turn your business deal into makers, not breakers: [More]

59 Places to See Before You Die - The Ultimate Bucket List for Travellers

Here is the ultimate bucket list combining the world’s most coveted cityscapes, awe-inspiring natural wonders and must-see spots in one simple selection so you can start planning where to go next! In no particular order…. [More]